CRC806-Database: Implementation of a data management for an interdisciplinary research project


For the data management of the Collaborative Research Centre 806 „Our way to Europe“
(CRC806), funded by the German Research Agency (DFG), at the Universities of Cologne, Bonn
and Aachen, the here presented CRC806-Database is in development.
Within the 21 sub-projects of the CRC806 about 30 Post-Docs, 60 Ph.D. candidates and more
than 100 graduates from the archaeological-, geo- and cultural- sciences working together and
producing diverse data, to answer the questions of how modern humans (homo sapiens sapiens)
migrated from Africa to Europe and why and how the Neanderthals (homo neanderthalensis) dis-
The CRC is planned for an overall period of twelve years, and is subdivided into three four-year
project terms which are underlying an evaluation at the end of each term. In the sense of the DFG
proposals for safeguarding good scientific practice (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, 1998) it
is required for any CRC to provide a sustainable data management policy and its implementation,
which guaranties the accessibility to the produced research data for at least the duration of the
project plus ten years, which results in an up to 22 years period.