New chronology and extended palaeoenvironmental data to the 1975 loess profile of Madaras brickyard, South Hungary

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The 10 m thick Madaras loess–palaeosol profile is one of the Hungarian outcrops that yielded Upper Palaeolithic artefacts in 1966. To clarify the nature of the deposits and establish a reliable litho- and chronostratigraphy, a profile was opened and sampled at 25 cm intervals on the northern side of the brickyard in 1975. Analyses focused on grain size, carbonate content and the mollusc fauna. The chronology was based on the mollusc composition and a single date from the archaeological layer at the depth of ca 7 m below the surface. The 1975 profile was destroyed by mining but the reposited samples allowed an extended analysis of this important Marine Isotope Stage 2 record to which archaeological features were directly assigned. A new absolute chronology was built based on 11 14C dates. Environmental magnetic, geochemical and palaeoecological investigations allowed a refined view of site evolution with reliable chronology for the Last Glacial Maximum. Our results corroborated those of previous investigations done on other coeval loess–palaeosol sequences of the Southern Carpathian Basin. This also allowed for a temporal correlation to another local record with the published high-resolution chronology of the same brickyard and enabled modelling of local-scale heterogeneity of the environment in the long run.


Sümegi, P., Gulyás, S., Molnár, D., Bozsó, G., Fekete, I., Makó, L., Cseh, P., Molnár, M., Sümegi, B., Almond, P., Zeeden, C., Törőcsik, T., Nett, J., Markó, A., Lehmkuhl, F. (2021): New chronology and extended palaeoenvironmental data to the 1975 loess profile of Madaras brickyard, South Hungary. Wiley – In: Journal of Quaternary Science, Vol. 36(8), p: 1364-1381, DOI:

authorSümegi, Pal and Gulyás, Sándor and Molnár, Dávid and Bozsó, Gábor and Fekete, István and Makó, László and Cseh, Péter and Molnár, Milhály and Sümegi, Balázs P. and Almond, Peter and Zeeden, Christian and Törőcsik, Tünde and Nett, Janina J. and Markó, András and Lehmkuhl, Frank
journalJournal of Quaternary Science
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