The Z2 project offers GIS Services and support for members of the CRC 806.

We have expertise in:

  • Map Production,

  • Analysis of Geodata,

  • Acquisition and purchase of Geodata and Remote Sensing Data.

Example CRC 806 field map (by A. Bolten).

Data acquisition and GIS-analyses for several regions and for several CRC-projects was carried during the first phase of the CRC 806. Selected topics are the

  • acquisition of High resolution satellite data of GeoEye and WorldView I / II data for field campaigns,

  • deriving digital elevation models from stereo satellite data of WorldView II data for Sodmein Cave region in Egypt,

  • GIS-analyses of bathymetric data for coast lines in the Mediterranean Sea

  • and GIS-analyses of archaeological findings on the Iberian Peninsula.

Shortest path analysis of archaeological finding areas to main drainage lines derived from SRTM elevation model for the Iberian Peninsula. Map by A. Bolten.

Text by A. Bolten.