UAV based aerial image acquisition enables collection of high resolution data of small areas. Advantages of the method are high flexibility and low costs. RGB, thermal and multispectral data can be captured and processed into various products such as DEM or thematic maps.

UAV flight. Photo: G. Bareth.

The equipment for UAV-campaigns:

  • Platform: MK-Oktokopter by HiSystems GmbH; weight: <2.5 kg, payload: 1 kg, flight time: ?15 min. (depending on payload), 2.4 GHz transmitter remote control

  • Sensors:

    • Panasonic Lumix DMC GX1 with a Lumix G 20mm (F1.7 ASPH) lens; 16 mio. pixel, FOV 48.5° x 33.4°

    • NEC F30 IS thermal imaging system; 160 x 120 pixel, wavelengths: 8-13 µm, temperature range -20°C - 100°C, absolute accuracy ±1°K, thermal sensitivity 0.1°K

    • Tetracam Mini MCA; 1.3 megapixel, 4 sensors with 25 mm standard spectrometer filters (550, 671, 800, 950 nm)

AG Bareth Oktokopter. Photo: A. Bolten.

Text by J. Bendig.