Site - Urluia Loess-Palaeosol Sequence

Urluia Loess-Palaeosol Sequence

Open Air   geoscience   E 27.899, N 44.093  


Loess-Paleosol Sequence in the Lower Danube Basin in eastern Romania. 16 m of loess were sampled in 2014. Sampling continued in 2015. Samples magnetism, geochemistry, grain-size, color measurements and luminescence dating were taken and are analyzed in collaboration with partners in Romania, Serbia and Germany.


  • Spring-campaign 2014 (2014)

    The first field campaign of the B1-geo-team from Aachen took place in April and May 2014. During six weeks loess-paleosol sequences and archeological excavations were investigated and sampled in Hungary, Serbia and Romania.
  • Fall-campaign 2015 (2015)

    More field work took place in Romania in September 2015. Several loess-paleosol sequences were sampled in high-resolution.

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