Site - Rasova Loess-Paleosol Sequence

Rasova Loess-Paleosol Sequence

Open Air   geoscience, archaeology   E 27.937, N 44.244  


The stratigraphic profile at Rasova - Valea cu Pietre, is located northeast of the village of Rasova in southern Dobrogea (Romania) and contains ~ 7m of loess deposits. It is located in a dry valley ca. 150 m east of the Danube and lies on the western edge of the Dobrogea Plateau and has therefore been exposed to fluvial
erosion by the Danube at its base. This is indicated by the fluvial pebbles at the bottom of the profile (see photos)


  • Spring-campaign 2014 (2014)

    The first field campaign of the B1-geo-team from Aachen took place in April and May 2014. During six weeks loess-paleosol sequences and archeological excavations were investigated and sampled in Hungary, Serbia and Romania.

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