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Keputa Cave

Cave   archaeology, other   E 20.007517, N 41.706627  
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Keputa is a karstic cave in an Early Cretaceous limestone formation that is located about 200 m north-west of Blazi Cave in the same ridge. The south-west oriented cave entrance is situated about 280 m above mean sea level. First systematic research was done by Prendi & Andrea in the 1970th and 1980th. The CRC 806 B1 project started archaeological excavation in 2014 followed by a second campaign in 2015. Photogrammetric recording was done in 2014, 2015 and is being proceeded currently to investigate the contextual relation of surface finds that are dominating the caves inventory. Also the big amount of Iron Age, Bronze Age and Neolithic ceramic from the surface is under investigation.


  • German-Albanian Palaeolithic Project (2014)

    Opening of a large test trench in the entrance area of the cave and photogrammetric recording.
  • German-Albanian Palaeolithic Project (2015)

    Excavation and sampling campaign in two trenches at the entrance area of the cave. Photogrammetric recording of surface finds inside the cave

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