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Laguna de la Janda

Open Air   geoscience   E -5.833, N 36.249  


The La Janda basin in southern Spain is a near-shore geo-bio-archive with a variable Quaternary depositional history. In fall 2016 about 170 m sedimentary cores have been recovered from the La Janda Basin and a maximum core length of more than 30 m has been achieved. The deposits vary from shallow marine, lacustrine, palustrine, and terrestrial as the lake was drained in the 1930's. Nowadays the area is of intense agricultural usage.


  • Drilling campaign La Janda fall 2016 (2016)

    Together with a commercial drilling team, the colleagues from the Spanish Geological Survey (IGME), we've drilled 170 m sedimentary cores by percussion drilling at different locations.

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