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Summary of the 2nd Data Management Workshop in Cologne

On November 28th and 29th, a successful 2nd Data Management Workshop was held, with 83 participants including speakers and poster presenters, at the Geo-Bio lecture hall of the University of Cologne.[more]

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Two fun videos about how research data management can help you

Here are two videos that show in a funny way, why you may want to have to think a bit about how you organize and later archive and publish your research data as a scientist.[more]

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Workshop on GIS applications in palaeolithic archaeology

The Z2 project of the SFB / CRC 806 invites to a half day workshop on "GIS applications in palaeolithic archaeology".[more]

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2nd Data Management Workshop CfP

Call for Papers, Posters for the 2nd Data Management Workshop is now open until Sept. 26th.[more]

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Publications of the SFB / CRC now centrally managed in the database

Publications of the project and memeber pages on the new websites are served from now on from the CRC 806 Database.[more]

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CRC806-Database @ FOSS4G 2013

Presentation of the CRC806-Database at FOSS4G 2013 Academic Track, in Nottingham, UK.[more]

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